We have a driver commuting regularly between Delhi and our resort in Kausani. In many cases it can be arranged that our driver brings you from Delhi to Kausani and back. The distance from Delhi to Kausani is 410kms. The ride takes about 10 hours.

Another possibility is a combination of rail and taxi via Kathgodam, which lies in between Delhi and our resort. There are daily three trains coming from Delhi to Kathgodam. Two of them are reaching Kathgodam in the morning; this gives you enough time to come from Kathgodam to to our resort in Kausani by taxi (or bus) and reach the ashram before the evening. It is a four hour ride from Kathgodam.

The nearest airport from Kausani is Pantnagar, where regularly air-planes from Delhi are landing. It can also be arranged that our driver picks you up from there. Pantnagar Airport is situated 162kms from our resort in Kausani. The ride takes 4-5 hours.

The first 85 seconds of the below video gives you also some information how to reach our ashram:

The touristic website of the state of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) offers more information on how to reach Kausani:

General information on how to reach Kausani by air, by rail, or by road



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